Yoot Tower Billboard Creator

This is a tool I've devleoped to create billboard plug-ins for the game Yoot Tower. Please read the instructions before using the creator. See the gallery for pre-made plugins you can download.

Preparing an Image

To create a billboard you must prepare a 160x60 PNG file. The billboards use a specific palette and you should try your best to match the colors. The image library will do its best to convert any colors not in this palette, but your results might not be ideal. The border graphics are part of the billboard image and all official billboards use them, but you don't have to include a border. I've provided a sample billboard as a PNG if you do wish to use this.

Note on IDs

Each billboard requires a plug-in id. Trying to install multiple billboards with the same ID will result in issues. If you plan to make a set, please ensure you are using unique IDs.

The following IDs are used by the official billboards that come with the game and should be avoided unless you intend to replace them: GAM AJA AQU OB9 SBR SEG YOO


Once you've downloaded the plug-in file. Copy it into the plugins folder in your Yoot Tower installation directory. If you're having trouble with the game seeing changes you've made to this directory, try deleting the database file in the directory if one exists. This will cause the game to rebuild its cache of plugins.


The plug-in creator has only been tested with the English Windows version of Yoot Tower.

Create Plugin

Name of company for status bar and plugin management. Limited to 60 characters. Non-ASCII characters may produce strange results.
Each billboard should have a unique 3 character ID string.
$50,000 is the official revenue.
Official length is 12.
Please refer to the instructions.
Your name or handle 3-50 Characters.