Game Maps for Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold (IBM PC)

Episode 1: STAR Institute
Secret Floor: Security Training Arenas
Floor 1: STAR Institute General Operations
Floor 2: Technical Planning Offices
Floor 3: Mutant Holding Chambers
Floor 4: Alien Canister Storage
Floor 5: Control Pod Hatchery
Floor 6: Pod Stabilization Area
Floor 7: Ammunition and Weaponry Storage
Floor 8: Security Offices
Floor 9: Space Trak Transport
Floor 10: Secret Alien Chambers
Episode 2: Floating Fortress
Secret Floor: Pod Alien Storage and Transport
Floor 1: Transport Arrival and Processing
Floor 2: General Storage and Operations
Floor 3: Personnel Briefing and Training
Floor 4: Cargo Storage and Processing
Floor 5: Personnel Correction and Detention
Floor 6: Weapons Development and Testing
Floor 7: Genetic Development and Storage
Floor 8: Technical Engineering
Floor 9: Transport Processing and Departure
Floor 10: Secret Storage Chambers
Episode 3: Underground Network
Secret Floor: Secret Alien Test Environment
Floor 1: Network Security Monitoring
Floor 2: Network Operations and Control
Floor 3: Lunar Explorations
Floor 4: Geneticist Training Labs
Floor 5: Network Atmospheric Control
Floor 6: Alien Behavioral Observatory
Floor 7: Lunar Biosphere Monitoring
Floor 8: Human Morphing Labs
Floor 9: Network Transit Deck
Floor 10: Secret Network Communications Node
Episode 4: STAR Port
Secret Floor: Hidden Habitat Storage
Floor 1: Alien Controlled Quarters
Floor 2: Mutant Perfection Labs
Floor 3: Circular Alien Chambers
Floor 4: Lunar Operations Gold Opening
Floor 5: Neuro-Net Cells
Floor 6: Alien Processing Station
Floor 7: STAR Recreation Area
Floor 8: Bio-Morphing Labs
Floor 9: Cryo-Storage Level
Floor 10: Mutant Transport Deck
Episode 5: Habitat II
Secret Floor: Sub-Lunar Testing Labs
Floor 1: Habitat Crew Quarters
Floor 2: Solar Radiation Monitoring
Floor 3: Artificial Atmospheric Research
Floor 4: Habitat Supply Storage Deck
Floor 5: Genetic Research Holding Areas
Floor 6: Habitat Central Core Passageway
Floor 7: Bio-Medical Storage Deck
Floor 8: Mutant Examination Chambers
Floor 9: High Security Experimental Lab
Floor 10: Mutant Isolation Deck
Episode 6: Satellite Defense
Secret Floor: Goldfire's Money Vault
Floor 1: Satellite Defense Operations
Floor 2: Secret Intelligence Headquarters
Floor 3: Secret Intelligence Training Arena
Floor 4: STAR Defense Research Laboratory
Floor 5: Canister Alien Genesis Laboratory
Floor 6: STAR Communications
Floor 7: Genetic Research Headquarters
Floor 8: Strategic Defense Headquarters
Floor 9: STAR Central Computer Network
Floor 10: STAR Technical and Intelligence Archives